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Magnetization Kit (basic)

this kit comes with everything you need to make 20 magnetized connectors.  this kit will make both orientation of connector*


see the "soon to be released"  Magnetic Assembly Video for a full over view.  in brief: end-to-end (aka TOP-BOTTOM, aka NORTH-SOUTH, aka N-S) connections make use of an included set-back bracket.  this is because N-S connections are made through three thicknesses (3t) of mdf, while the side-by-side (,aka, LEFT-RIGHT, aka EAST-WEST, aka E-W) connections are made through two thicknesses (2t) of mdf...  the reasons for this are long, and probably boring.  (briefly: it is the answer to the puzzle of "how to achieve both modularity, AND structural rigidity")   If you are interested in the design theory behind this, send us a message and when we have time we will give a more indepth explanation and post it to our FAQ guide.