modular staircase

Dual-mode staircase for use with the Interlock Overload System! Unpainted, unassembled.  This staircase unit is strong; without additional bracing, it can support the weight of several additional terrain pieces without deflection when used as part of the Interlock Overload modular system.  When used as a permenant "glue-in-place" unit, it can support dozens of additional terrain elements.  This is the most rigid and sturdiest staircase model that we are aware of.  We do not believe that a stronger or more stable competitor  exists.   We welcome challenges!   (Dual-mode: the STS-1 can be configured during assembly for either "Ground-to-Platform" mode, or "Platform-to-Platform" mode. After assembly, the STS-1 can easily be changed from PTP mode to GTP mode, but not vice versa)

2 staircase units
2 deck mesh grating
2 decorative trim

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    Saskatoon, S7N 0H6

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